ISA – International Symbol of Access

In 1968 members of RI and ICTA were asked to consider establishment of an international symbol to designate accessible facilities. Six symbols were short listed and considered by a representative jury of people with disabilities and international organisations.

The symbol designed by a Danish student Susanne Kofoed was selected, and after minor modifications was adopted by RI and ICTA in 1969 as the International Symbol of Access (ISA).

International Symbol of Access (ISA)

International Symbol of Access (ISA)

The ISA has been registered with the International Standards Organisation (ISO) and remains the copyright of ICTA. Guidelines for Improving Access for People with Disabilities, setting our planning guidelines for use of the ISA were published by RADAR UK in 1983.

The ISA provides a consistent international designation of accessible entrances, information, facilities, transportation and amenities. Other symbols to assist people with sensory impairments, including the International Symbol for Deafness may be used in conjunction with the ISA.

International Symbol for Deafness